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Elevator Companies

There are numerous elevator companies in our country and in the world; and this makes it difficult to make a preference among this many companies.

In our previous reports,we dealt with  elevator safety, maintenance and choice of elevator car. These issues are without a doubt of great significance as for smooth running of the elevator. Nevertheless, top issue is choosing the right elevator company. Working with a company that does not have necessary documents and permissions of production means lack of safety and proper maintenance work.

Which points should be taken into account in choosing an elevator company? 

When making a choice among the numerous elevator companies is difficult, knowing what points to look for makes life easier. 

Working with companies that have necessary documents!!

The first things to look for in a company are formal documents and licences.

These documents are:

 Business Licence

Warranty certificate

Sign of EU Compliance

Service Compliance Certificate

Business Licence is a document which is obtained from either municipalities, or provinces for the buildings outside the borders of municipalities. 

Warranty Certificate is a document company has to issue, as confirmed by the ministry or city local authority.  In line with Turkey’s formal standards, the duration of warranty has to be 2 years at least. 

Sign of EU Compliance represents that the safety components and other parts of the elevator within the context of Elevator Regulation (95/16/AT)  are in a condition that does not pose a threat for humans, environment and other goods.   

Service Compliance Certificate shows that elevator company employs personnel, equipment and  spare parts that are necessary for carrying out assembling, maintenance and repair work within the duration of physical life declared by the ministry. 

Additionally, delivery on time, product variety and quality, qualified workmanship, quality of service and service concept are points that should be taken into account by the customers. 

BSB elevator has TSEK ((Turkish Standards Institute) Document,   ISO Certificate, Industry Registration Document,  Capacity Certificate  and  Trademark Registration Certificate.  Company aims at solving customers’ problems tending to them at the shortest time possible through e-mail and phone. 

BSB Elevator, elevates you to the floor you want to be at  with safety and comfort.