• Fast Solutions With 
Right Partner!
    Fast Solutions With
    Right Partner!
    We are always at your service
    with our modern, elegant, aesthetic
    and solution oriented service.
  • We knitted the art 
in our cabins...
    We knitted the art
    in our cabins...
    Our different style models are waiting
    for you in our showroom.
  • Let the Power Be With You!
    Let the Power Be With You!
    GEM Traction machines
    Made in Italy
    Camel, Lion, Elegant Series
    Quick delivery from stock!
  • Control Your Power!
    Control Your Power!
    Control Panels
    A3 compatible, Hydraulic, MRL options.
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BSB in Elevator Industry

BSB Elevator which has 27-year experience contributes to the elevator sector that continuously develops and renews itself. It increases its capacity by the R&D studies and stands by the leading companies of the sector by created innovative solutions.

Our Cabin Productions.

The lift cabins produced by BSB Elevator brand have diversified specialties in addition to being modern, elegant and aesthetic. Thanks to this, they have many easements for their users.

Elevator Project Designing.

The technical details and projects which we receive are prepared in detail by our engineers and technical team and it is kept under control during all production to present you best service.

Package Elevator Solutions.

BSB Elevator succeeded to keep its customers satisfaction at highest level as submitting package elevator alternatives having different features in addition to produced elevator cabin and components.

Escalators Solutions.

Escalators that are produced in Turkey and we sell are manufactured as being inspected under a tight quality control system and designed according to the norms of EN115.

Our Foreign Agencies.

Our Foreign Area Agencies

Our Elevator Exports.

We do also exporting our elevator components which we produce and supply since our company was founded.

Certificates and Documents.

You may examine the documents belonging to our products we produce as BSB Elevator and services we give.

Global Partner Elevator.

In the beginning of 2014, BSB Elevator made Global Partner Elevator active to improve its export and to give service in new markets.

General Specifications Of Our Lift Cabins
We knitted the art in our cabins...Besides the quality, we offer you faster and practical solutions for the installation of lift cabin.
Hinged Ceiling With Internal Opening
Special Designs
Cabin Internal Ventilation
Powerful Lighting
Handrail Fixing
Boltless Cabin Walls

BSB Elevator

BSB elevator always has considered policies of “Qualified Elevator Cabin Production” and “Customer Satisfaction Every Time” as its highest target. 

As mixing its service and quality created by manufactured elevator cabins and elevator components, our firm got its own BSB Elevator brand win a name of itself all over the world in a short time, and managed to stand by the leading companies in the sector.

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