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Machine-Roomless ( MRL ) Elevators

It is generally observed that the buildings having machine room are affected unfavorably in terms of esthetics and sighting.
Machine-Roomless ( MRL ) Elevators.

On the other hand gearless motor technology is produced to use elevators in the buildings not having machine room.

In virtue of these elevator motors the machine room problem is went away. Because these elevator motors have frequency control, elevators offers comfort and pleasure with their sensitive stop and launch during moving and silent and vibrationless running.

The gearless motors provide more energy conservation than geared motors.   

Elevators having this system are mostly used in apartment buildings, bus terminals, airports, multi-floored business centers, malls, shopping centers and constructions giving services for culture, health and education.

Architects and building designers do prefer machine roomless elevators in terms of energy conversation, usage saving, comfort and pleasure.

Advantages of MRL Lifts :

  • It provides space saving because it takes up less room in structure.
  • It is suitable for every construction because of its easy mounting.
  • Since it saves % 40 energy saving, it is economical.
  • By means of gearless motor noise pollution is cleared away.
  • The running of gearless motors is extremely safe, silent and vibrationless.
  • It is suitable for buildings having heavy person traffic.
  • It does not add any extra load to building static load.

Important! MRL Elevators should be overhauled by periodical and general elevator maintenances that authorized elevator maintenance firms make.  

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