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Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are generally preferred for the buildings not having machine room, the buildings having few person traffic, factories, shopping centers and villas.
Hydraulic Elevators.

This system consists of elevator shaft, elevator cabin, carrier frame, cylinder piston system, suspension gear and if any exists, counterweight system.

Hydraulic elevators are the elevator systems that its driving power relies on hydraulic pumping unit. Hydraulic elevators benefits from its own weight as moving downward. Generally machine rooms of hydraulic elevators are designed as being on the basement. There is an oil boiler, and above this boiler are hydraulic system, control panel and pipes which hydraulic liquid goes through.

Hydraulic elevators are suitable for passenger and freight carrying. Hydraulic lifts may work between the heights of 2nd floor up to 6th floor and at 0,125 m/s and 1 m/s speeds. Single cylinder hydraulic elevators may carry all weights from 1000 kg up to 10000 kg, double cylinder hydraulic elevators may carry the weights from 10000 kg up to 90000 kg.  

Some technical specialties should be known such as the usage purpose, carrying capacity, range and dimensions of the hoist way to use hydraulic elevator system.

Important! Hydraulic Elevators should be overhauled by periodical and general elevator maintenances that authorized elevator maintenance firms make.  

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