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Elevator Project Designing

The technical details and projects which we receive are prepared in detail by our engineers and technical team and it is kept under control during all production to present you best service.
Elevator Project Designing.

The elevator cabin, suspension, counter weight frame and components are projected as designing optimal elevator dimensions due to specialties our customer request and elevator hoist way, and then it is submitted for the approval of our customers. After our customers examine and confirm elevator cabin project, the project is incorporated into our production program which our engineers and technical team prepared. In the production process the cutting, bending, punching and laser procedures belonging to the elevator cabin and the components are completed.

Then we proceed to the stage of assembling parts forming the outer body of lift car. When the assembling procedure is done it is checked for compliance with the project our engineers and technical team designed.

After compliances checks we pass to the interior decoration stage of lift cabin. The inner cover and accessories of the cabin are decorated according to the specialties our customers ordered in the project approval.

The cabin which the interior decoration has been completed and the components are went through last inspection by our engineers and technical team.

The elevator cabin that has been approved during the last check, suspension, counter weight frame and components are disassembled and packaged for transportation. We do labeling which consists of company, worksite, and package contents information on the packages for preventing any confusion that may happen. When packaging and labeling procedures are done, our customers are informed for transportation.