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Our Elevator Exports

We do also exporting our elevator components which we produce and supply since our company was founded.
Our Elevator Exports.

Our firm has kept the highest level of its business partners’ satisfaction by offering special solutions in compliance with elevator projects requested by foreign firms.

Our firm got BSB Elevator brand win a name of itself through foreign countries in a short time, and also raise the exporting target with each passing day.

BSB Elevator exports elevator cab, cabin suspension, counterweight frame, manual lift door, machine motors, auto cabin and landing doors, folding doors, elevator guide rails, control panel, lift buttons and landing buttons, counterweights and other elevator components; and also additionally MRL (Machine-roomless) elevator, MR (Machine room) elevator, passenger elevator, freight elevator, hydraulic elevator, hospital elevators, vehicle lifts, service and food elevator, escalators and moving walkways.

* Libya * Palestine * Bangladesh
* Iran * Iraq * Cambodia
* Tunisia * Nigeria * Afghanistan
* Malta * Cameroon * Romania
* Yemen * Saudi Arabia     * Bahrain
* Austria * England * Ukraine
* Bulgaria         * Georgia * Tanzania
* Morocco * Kazakhistan * Azerbaijan        
* Serbia * Sudan * Abkhazia
* Algeria * Somalia * Ivory Coast
* Croatia