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Our Cabin Productions

The lift cabins produced by BSB Elevator brand have diversified specialties in addition to being modern, elegant and aesthetic. Thanks to this, they have many easements for their users.
Our Cabin Productions.

Be a cut above your competitors…

The expectations and the wishes of elevator users who have rising level of the consciousness and the developing elevator market increase with every passing day. Because of that, we keep the standards of our services in a higher position, increase the quality and usability of our products and improve our concepts.

We, as BSB brand, use different covering kinds for the indoor decorations of produced elevator cabs as to the customer’s individual liking and pleasure.  

Thus we present an expanded product range which consists of different models for our business partners. According to the wishes of our customers, we produce lift cars that have different covering kinds, such as stainless covering, decorative stainless covering, furniture patterned, specially embroidered furniture covering, laminate covering, illustrated laminate covering, laminate glass covering, specially stone covering, ChromaLuxe illustrated covering, membrane covering.

The mirror side of the elevator car decoration may be decorated as full-length, half-length and 1/3 length twin mirrors as to particularity of the cabin and our customers’ demands. And also for elevator handrails, they may be decorated one, two, three or four and half stainless or stainless ones as to the cabin model and our customers’ preferences.

We design the floor coverings of the BSB elevator cabins as 20 mm natural granite. If demanded, we may present alternatives such as special granite, tempered glass, illustrated glass, antibacterial PVC covering. For freight elevators, we may use diamond designed sheet, stainless sheet, chequered plate for floor coverings of the elevator cabin.

We use patterned special glass, special furniture covering or laser cut patterned stainless for the ceilings of our cabins. There are fluorescent, led or spot lighting alternatives that are designed for not being annoying for elevator user and proper for lighting standards. 

BSB elevator proposes some assembly solutions to mount elevator cabin faster and easily.

Doweled System For Cabin Walls

Assembler firms have generally many problems as assembling with the front entrance and elevator rear wall because the hoist way is too narrow; but our company that make modernizations for our brand-produced elevator cabins make this hard work easily as using doweled system for front entrance and rear wall.

Hinged Elevator Ceiling System

It is another common problem to make any change in the elevator ceiling for elevator cabin assembler firms and elevator users. By using our hinged elevator ceiling system to solve this problem we may open the ceiling inside the cabin and close it after making demanded change easily.

Elevator Cabin Ventilation

Another most disturbing matter for users is that ventilation inside the cabins may not be sufficient. The users fear at most not to have enough air inside the elevator cabin.

There is a powerful elevator ceiling ventilation system inside our produced elevator cabins. If power is black out, there are additional ventilation holes on the lower parts of elevator cabin walls and owing to these ventilation holes we create an easing space for elevator users.

Fixing Elevator Handrail

The handrails inside cabins are fixed behind the elevator cabin wall. If the handrails fixing gets loose by time they have opportunity of being firmed easily or changed when requested as operating inside the cabin.

We, our firm and personnel, always stand by you to give you better production and services as being your business partner.