Lift Models

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Automatic Elevators.

Automatic elevators provide simplicity and convenience in terms of usage with their comfort and safety.

Machine-Roomless ( MRL ) Elevators.

It is generally observed that the buildings having machine room are affected unfavorably in terms of esthetics and sighting.

Hydraulic Elevators.

Hydraulic elevators are generally preferred for the buildings not having machine room, the buildings having few person traffic, factories, shopping centers and villas.

Passenger Elevators.

Passenger elevators should be manufactured in accordance with the traffic calculations made at the stage of building project and elevator preliminary projects.

Freight Elevators.

The elevator capacity of carrying goods or materials is more important than comfort and speed for freight elevators. They are mostly used in places which freight carrying is very intensive such as shopping centers, factories and warehouses.

Hospital Elevators.

Hospital elevators may be preferred as to their variable carrying capacities from 1600 kg to 2000 kg and their various speeds from 0,40 m/s up to 30m/s.

Car Lifts.

Car lifts are commonly used in automotive firms, car parking and car maintenance-repair services.

Panoramic Elevators.

The most prominent feature of panoramic elevators that distinguishes them from other elevator models is that one or few walls of cabin is/are made of glass.

Disabled Lift.

Disabled lifts are designed for the people who are sick as much as being not able to ascend a stair or step up on any elevation and to make these persons pass over these obstructions easily.

Dumbwaiter ( Service ) Elevators.

Dumbwaiter elevator is elevator model that persons cannot go into because of their dimensions and intended use.