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BSB Elevator


BSB elevator always has considered policies of “Qualified Elevator Cabin Production” and “Customer Satisfaction Every Time” as its highest target. 

As mixing its service and quality created by manufactured elevator cabins and elevator components, our firm got its own BSB Elevator brand win a name of itself all over the world in a short time, and managed to stand by the leading companies in the sector.

BSB elevator made productions of its own unique elevator cabin as combining its elevator experience and skills with quality, technology, innovation and esthetics in its indoor area of 1500 m2 and by 35 personnel and created kinds of elevator cabins that are worth being models for sector. 

BSB Asansör Hakkında

BSB elevator aspires to expand its journey, which has been started to give service to its business partners in a more advanced level and to raise its own created innovations, to a higher level over all stages of elevator sector and to be able to service you better. In this context BSB elevator, in addition to sales of its own manufactured elevator cabins and components, makes sales and marketing of package elevators options that are suitable for posture of construction which elevator will be mounted and as to our business partners’ requests.

BSB elevator aims to offer fast and qualified service in best conditions during its journey which it is to reflect the gained success between business partners in Turkish marketing upon worldwide marketing. By virtue of your support and self-reliance, it will go on being rising star of sector and creating solutions to your all kinds of requests in time and most properly. 

BSB Asansör

BSB elevator aspires to give business partners best service and quality in both domestic and foreign marketing by participation of its all personnel as aiming to make every second of your life habitable by means of wide range of products which are submitted to its business partners with its understanding of quality service, and to innovate new values from existing beauties that will increase your life standards.

Within this scope BSB elevator reinforces the understanding of service and production by adapting itself to qualities of TESK, ISO 9001 – 2008, OHSAS 18001 to strengthen its position in sector and its own service quality. 

Vision of BSB Elevator

Because of variable expectations and requests of business partners who have increased level of awareness and competitive conditions in sector BSB elevator is conscious that it is essential to improve its products and offered services continuously.

In accordance with expectations and requests in elevator sector, BSB elevator evaluates the elevator projects detachedly by its experience and expertise. 

We consider success of our business partners’ elevator projects as if they were own and try to provide customer satisfaction in a manner of dynamic and innovative attitude and to have constant  business partners, and to create highest customers’ satisfaction.

“Constant Qualified Production”, “Charm Price”, “Mutual Trust” and “Sincerity” are our essential values for elevator sector.

BSB elevator will reinforce its position between best ones of sector as sticking to these values.

Mission of BSB Elevator

  • To give qualified service exceeding our business partners’ expectations.
  • To gain our business partners’ trust and sincerity
  • To offer innovative solutions to our business partners
  • To manage the sources of our firm as meeting the needs for today and future.
  • To submit the products and services supplied from domestic and foreign suppliers to our business partners as adding value.
  • To give opportunities and duties to its employees for proving themselves and to encourage their inventions
  • To work for community wealth and weal together with our all personnel.

Thank you for your cooperation with BSB elevator.